Link 2, left and right sides, mixed media, 96"x48"x212", 2009


Steven Simon


Queen Condi

photo on foam board, 10"x6", 2005


Queen Michelle

photo on foam board, 10"x6" (ea.), 2010


mixed media, 2010


Cheney 2012 Neoprene

mixed media, 12"x9"x3", 2009


cement and wood, 96"x22"x28", 2009


Formerly Blackwater

foam core and enamel, 92"x70", 2010


mixed media, 96"x84"x60", 2009

There (1 thru 7), mixed media, 54"x194"x6", 2010


mundane, mixed media, 15"x96"x2", 2008


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post-industrial art for the post-industrial age

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