Chris Collins

Shelter Skelter




219-3056 and Counting, corrugated plastic sign, 2011, 81"x29"x72" each


219-3056 and Counting, detail


House of Cards 5.0, bronze, 2011, 9"x9.75"x2"

89119 Paradise, NV, zinc and concrete, 2009-11, 2"x10"x8"


33993 Fort Myers, FL, zinc and concrete, 2009-11, 2"x10"x8"


91605 N. Hollywood, CA, zinc and concrete, 2009-11, 2.25"x10"x8"


85210 Mesa, AZ, zinc and concrete, 2009-11, 1.5"x10"x8.5"


Gold Card, bronze and 24K gold, 2011, 2"x3.25" ea.


House of Cards 4.0, bronze, 2011, 6"x4"x2"

House of Cards 2.0, bronze, 2009, 5.25"x4.5"x5"

House of Cards 3.0, bronze, 2009, 5.25"x4.5"x5"


untitled Hotels, bronze and concrete, 2010, 2.5"x8"x3.5"


untitled Houses, plastic, 25K gold and concrete, 2011, 2"x8"x3.5"


House of Cards 1.0, bronze, 2009, 3.5"x3.5"x3.5"


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post-industrial art for the post-industrial age

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