Ten Years Drawn

L2kontemporary's 10th Anniversary

Edward Lightner, curator



Tetsuji Aono, untitled mugs

ceramic, assorted sizes, 2013



Gronk, untitled

ink on paper, 12"x28.5", framed, 2013


Gary Brewer, colossus

water color on paper, 33"x25", 2013


Claudia Bucher, space rabbitat in scorpio

pencil on tracing paper, 25"x20", 2013


Jack Balas, plan your visit "#852" "bear"

ink on paper, 11"x14", 2012

Keiko Fukazawa, fire drawing #1

ceramic, 10.5"x14", 1996-2013



Dennis O' Callwood, positively negative

photograph on canvas with frame (designed by Erick Walker), 11"x13", 2013


Simone Gad, max/shoe

oil pastel collage on paper, 9"x12", 2006


Karen Chu, line

ceramic, 14"x5", 2013

Davis & Davis, tinkertoy #1

pencil on paper, 24"x18", 2013



Alfredo de Batuc, contemplating peace #5

ink on paper, 30"x22", 2003


George Dinhaupt, "untitled", with us 1999

mixed medium on paper, 72"x11" (dia), 2013


Shawn Huckins, mary magdalene and the levi models

pencil on tracing paper, 5.5"x9", 2006


Ted Kerzie, compression process-revisited

digital process, 26"x31", framed, 2011


Bogdan Dumitrica, pistoleros

oil on paper, 13.5"x10.5", 2013


David Early, self

graphite on paper, 12"x16", 2013


Roni Feldman, untitled

acrylic on bristol board, 12"x9", 2013


George Ketterl, untitled

mixed medium on paper, 14.5"x11", 2003


Jim Keville, plasticsherds

photo collage, 13"x19", 2013


Barry Markowitz, stimming shifting rolling

mixed medium on velvet, 21.5"x27.5", 2012


Nguyen Ly, bird

sumi ink on paper, 12.5"x14", 2013


Felis Stella, erich dieckmann armchair c.1926

embroidery on cotton washcloth, 12.5"x12", 2008


David Michael Lee, shoot

mixed medium on paper, 37.5"x28.5", framed, 2009


Michael Maas, L2k d19

ink on paper, 16"x12", 2013


Lawrence Mota, tribute to Jose Ruiz y Blasco

ink on paper, 5.5"x9", 2013


Stephen Rivers, glacial flow

mixed medium on board, 6"x8", 2013


Jim Morphesis, meat study #102

mixed medium on paper, 26.5"x20.5", framed, 2005


Thomas Trivitt, 41-587 a

acrylic enamel on paper board, 16"x20", 2013


Elaine Parks, reconstruction

artist hair, found bone, and frame, 11.5"x12.5", 2013


Billy Reynolds, dilate #3

ball point pen on paper, 9"x9", 2007


Tuan Phan, untitled

graphite and dirt on paper, 8"x8.5", 2013


Margie Scharff, untitled

pencil on paper, 10.5"x10", 1998


Steven Simon, hubble

mixed medium, 19"x14", 2013


Dragana B. Stevanovic, yoga edge

mixed medium on paper, 14"x19.5", 2013


Kim Tucker, ass babies

ceramic, assorted sizes, 2013


Matt Wardell, just another day

graphite and acrylic ink on paper, 8.5"x11", 2012


Kim Tucker, come here

ceramic, 9"x5"x4", 2013


Matt Wardell, my head is big and I have no ankles

ink on paper, 11"x8.5", 2012


John Lorinser, happy montague, jr.

pencil and ink on paper, 87"x28.5", framed, c. 1980



Keiko Inoh, time machine

paper, acrylic, and pencil,11"x14", 2013


Francesco X. Siqueiros, T.1

mixed medium, 24.5"x24", 1996

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